Cyclone Filter Upgrades



Very few cyclones out there qualify as being “high Efficiency” and using undersized filters on cyclones of questionable efficiency affects filter loading in a negative way. Cyclones don’t perform well at air flows other than what they were designed for.

All Wynn Filters designed for use on cyclones have a MERV 15 rating and a minimum of twice the filter surface area of most leading brands. This translates to “one fourth the pressure drop.”  Our filters do a better job of filtering and go longer between cleanings.

We intentionally do not use internal brushes or paddles.

Filter specifications can be found under cyclone filter library.

All Filters manufactured in the United States of America.



Filter upgrades for cyclones fall in two (2) categories:

Flanged and Non Flanged



Designed for use on the do-it-yourself transitions (plenum boxes) which go between the blower and the filter(s). All are open at both ends having a fixed gasket on the flanged end. Specifications can be found in the “Cyclone Filter Library”










Suggestion:  One filter for every 2-1/2 horse power.

Non Flanged:

Used when stacking filters or when directly replacing filters on certain commercially available cyclones such as Oneida and Penn State.  All are open at both ends and supplied with one fixed gasket and one loose gasket.  Specifications can be found in the “Cyclone Filter Library”





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