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35A274BLOL Cartridge Kit

Closed top, MERV 10, 80/20 Blend filter media, 274 sq ft, 17.5” diameter x 23” tall, outer cage only.

Includes: Instructions, (2) clear poly dust bags, (1) ABK-4 Angle bracket kit.


35A Series Woodworking Kits

Filter Comparisons

We have three different 35-Series filters to choose from.  All of these are designed specifically for use on Single-Stage dust collectors.  The chart below identifies the differences between the three versions:

Efficiency RatingMERV 10MERV 15MERV 15
Flow/HP RatingUp to 2 HPsamesame
Dimensions17.6” OD x 23” Tallsamesame
Filter Media Surface Area274 sq. ft222 sq. ft222 sq. ft
Dust Release CharacteristicsGoodGood/ExcellentGood/Excellent
Removable End CapNoYesNo
Cleaning Air Pressure60 psisamesame
Mounting HardwareIncludedsamesame
4 mil Clear Lower Poly Bags(2) Includedsamesame


Floating Gear Latches

Floating Gear Latches
(Patents Pending)

Available in two (2) sizes.
1/2″ wide x 4″ Maximum Length (FGL-U)
5/16″ wide x 2″ Maximum Length (FGL-6)

FGL-U (universal) latches have a worm gear drive (5/16″ hex head or flat bladed screw driver). Mainly used to secure the 35A series filters to the collectors.

Three (3) of the FGL-U latches are supplied with each 35A series filter at no additional charge.  They get attach to the underside of the filter in a triangular pattern and get anchored to the hole in the concave orifice pan.  This compress the filter gasket.

For collectors that do not have a concave orifice pan, please see the chart and note that an edge trim gasket (ETG-55) and peripheral latching hardware are probably needed.  The hardware comes with the gasket at no additional charge.  i.e….ETG-55 + three (3) latch keepers + six (6) spring nuts and six (6) screws. The latches come with the filter.

For those doing special projects, complete FGL-U-4 packages are available here. Included Four (4) latches, eight (8) latch keepers, eight (8) spring nuts and sixteen (16) screws.

FGL-6 latches have a worm gear drive (1/4″ hex head or flat bladed screw driver.)  Mainly used to join components. Filter stacking, attaching filter pans and installing gamma seal lids.

FGL-6FGL-6 latches shown holding two stacked filters.  It is best to use a “filter gasket” as the seal (determined when ordering your filters).


Delta 50-760

Received from David T.
(Thanks David!)

Wynn Filter Conversion for a Delta 50-760 Dust Collector

I recently purchased a Delta 50-760 dust collector. It is a 1.5 HP unit with an 11.5 inch fan blade. While I would love to have a cyclone, I am only a weekend woodworker and have limited space (and funding) so I bought this unit based upon the positive reviews that I was able to find on the internet and in recent publications. While the unit came with a 1 micron filter bag, I wanted to maximize filtration as well as air flow through the filter media. Wynn Environmental has been getting very positive reviews for their product line of filters as applied to woodworking. After talking with Wynn Environmental on the phone, I purchased their 35A274BLOL conversion kit and assumed that I would be able to figure out some way to mount this filter onto the new Delta dust collector.

Upon receiving the filter (both in a timely manner and in excellent condition) and having purchased the Delta 50-760, I began to examine how to merge the two. As it turns out, it was a very straightforward process. On the Delta 50-760, the outer diameter of the flange openings, where the filter media attaches and where the bag attaches, measure 15-3/4 inches. Again, this is the outer diameter of the flanges.

Image21  Image22







These flange openings (top and bottom) are the same since the unit can be assembled with the motor on top and the intake from the bottom OR with the intake facing upwards and the motor in a downward position. It just so happens that the inner diameter of the gasket attached to the 35A274BLOL filter is approximately 15-3/4 inches. This means that the raised outer edge of the dust collector flange “should” snugly fit within the gasket mounted onto the filter.

Image23  Image24







A test of the fit of the 35A filter onto the flange showed that the filter could be gently worked onto the flange and that the gasket material would snugly hold the filter centered on the flange. The flat bottom of the filter was firmly seated against the top of the flange. Prior to mounting the filter permanently this way, I placed some gasket material just to the inside edge of the existing gasket material that had been applied by Wynn Environmental. I ended up using a high density foam weather stripping. This material just had to fill any minor void that may exist between the bottom of the filter and the upper edge of the mounting flange.

Image25  Image26







Once I had the Wynn filter seated squarely on the mounting flange, and with the foam forming a seal at this contact area, I had to next figure out how to securely fasten the filter to the body of the dust collector. When I re-examined the inside of the unit, I noticed that Delta had built in a retaining ring or ridge just inside of both the top and bottom flanges. These are there to act as stops for the spring-type metal bands that Delta included for securing their filter bag to the inside of this unit. These bands fit very snugly into these areas to hold the filter bag and can be an option for mounting the collection bag. Delta also includes a traditional metal band and clasp system that fits on the outside of the flange. This latter method is what I decided to go with to secure the collection bag.

Image27  Image28







Having these ridges built into the mounting flanges turned out to be another big plus for retrofitting the Delta 50-760 with a Wynn filter. The three turnbuckles supplied with the Wynn conversion kit turned out to be the correct length to fit between the lower inner lip on the inside of the 35A filter and the ridges built into the mounting flanges.

Image29  Image30







Once I had the 35A filter secured to the base unit with the three turnbuckles, I tightened each so that they were very snug and held the filter firmly to the dust collector. With the filter securely attached, I next mounted a collection bag that had been supplied by Delta. As mentioned earlier, you can use the tension band to mount on the inside of the flanges OR as I chose, use the metal band and clasp to mount the bag to the outside of the flange.

This last photo shows the completed conversion. The entire process did not take very long at all, maybe around 2 to 3 hours total, including the initial assembly of the dust collector. Delta really appears to have done an excellent job with the 50-760, building an apparently robust dust collector that assembles easily and quickly.

The addition of the Wynn Environmental filter increases flow area to 274 sq ft (for the 35A274BLOL I used) and increases filtration down to 0.5 micron. The added flow area should add some CFM to the unit and the added filtration should help minimize the harmful dust generated from woodworking in my garage workshop. The addition was completed quickly since no ‘donut’ had to be made to connect the filter to the collector.

I was very pleased with the information and timely responses I received from Wynn Environmental, whether it was a phone call or an email, I always got my questions answered. Thanks to Dick and Rick Wynn for running a class operation with quality products and for their excellent customer support. I look forward to my upcoming projects and will let you know how this new system works in the real world.

David T. – Bartlesville, Oklahoma


George D’s Photos

George D, up in New York, was kind enough to send us some photos of his Reliant NN-820, 2HP setup.  The Reliant is similar to a lot of systems, with a Spiral Ramp in lieu of a Cone, which makes turnbuckle mounting difficult.  George was able to mount his 35A100SBOL with a few simple items listed below:

 Metal Bracket 008

Here are the key components: A couple brass pipe brackets (cut in half), some 1/4″ threaded inserts, and matching 1/4″ x 1″ bolts.  Per George- “I installed 1/4″ threaded inserts in the 3/4″ MDF Donut – hold down clips were made from pipe brackets ( two clips can be made from each bracket ) and held down with 1/4″X 1″ bolts.”     (Cool huh?)



Donut Inserted 003



You can see here how the whole thing comes together.  Note the gasketing and drywall screws holding the donut in place.




Dust Collector 001


Final product, and a quote from George-  “BOY what a success!!  [edit]  The first proof of how much better my system is working was upon turning the converted D.C on the ductwork was cleaned of unknown chips and dust that the Bag System was unable to clear.”



Thanks again George, we’ve been wrestling with this particular type of unit for a while.  Many will benefit from this elegant and simple arrangement.





Thank you to Matt  in C-town for the following write-up.  We really appreciate the time and  effort that went into this.  It’s an excellent retrofit.  Thanks again  Matt!

Penn State DC2

from Matt in C-town

Conversion to a Wynn 35A274BLOL cartridge filter


I have been using this unit  for several years with the supplied 5 micron felt bags as a roll around  collector.  I have recently begun the project of renovating my shop.  Part of  this renovation is to enclose my collector (for noise reduction) and make it  into a central system.  This was the natural time to shoot for better filtration  and additional efficiency.  Wynn’s 35A conversion kit fit the bill perfectly for  these improvements with more than double the surface area and half the cost of  other brands.

After looking through the  different application notes on Wynn’s site I settled on George D’s retrofit with  some slight modifications (Thanks George!).

Using 3/4″ MDF, I roughed  out a circle on the bandsaw and finished it with a circle guide on my router so  that it was slightly larger than my collector’s intake housing (20 1/4″  diameter).  I then set the circle guide to cut a 1/2″ deep rabbit edge on the  circle to fit inside the intake housing (19 9/16″ diameter).  Once the outside  diameter work was done, I cut out the inner circle with a jigsaw (12 7/16″  diameter).



Next I created (5) clips out  of brass shim stock.

image004  image006







Once the clips were done I  could hang them on the bottom edge of the filter and layout out the positions  for the (1/4″-20 x 7/16″-14) thread inserts.




At this point, I ran a bead  of silicone caulk at the inside corner of the rabbit on the MDF donut and placed  it on the intake housing.  After throwing a couple of clamps on, I pre-drilled  and attached the donut with (5) sheet metal screws.  Then I placed the filter on  the donut and screwed it down with 1/2″ long 1/4″-20 cap screws, lock washers &  washers.










All that was left was to  hang the supplied 4 mil poly bag and attach the assembly to the blower unit.

Do you like my upside down  dust collector? J


image018  image020







In conclusion, I do feel  that there is a significant increase in airflow generated by my system based on  some standard operations I perform in my shop.  My jointer no longer clogs the  hose and there are no more retained chips in my tablesaw cabinet.  I will say  that after researching cartridge filters, Wynn Environmental is the best source  in both performance and price ‘hands down’!



Matt in C-town  —   Cleveland, Ohio

Tom’s Photos

The following photos came to us compliments of Tom in Oregon, and show how he adapted a 35A274BLOL to his Jet 1100.  According to Jet, this is a 20″ dust collector, but it actually measures closer to 17.75″.  We don’t know whether Jet changed their spec, but we’d love to get some more info.  Please click to enlarge.  The photos are basically self explanatory.





Woodworking Filters


Harbor Freight

Filter Upgrades For
Single Stage Dust Collectors, Custom, and Hybrid Systems

Replace your old filter bag with an industrial quality pleated canister filter!

If you have a single stage dust collector of ANY brand or size, we offer a canister style filter that can be adapted to it.  And, if you are building a custom or hybrid system, our filters are adaptable as well.

35 Series Filters are easy to install, and don’t require removal for cleaning.  Just hit the outside of the filter with compressed air and all of the dust drops down into the lower bag!

35 Series Filters are designed to fit all standard, single stage dust collectors with upper rim diameters ranging from 14 to 20 inches:


35A274BLOL – MERV 10 with a fixed end cap. To order click here.

35B222NANO – MERV 15 Nanofiber with removable end cap. To order click here.

35C222NANO – MERV 15 Nanofiber with fixed end cap.  This filter replaces the original 35A274NANO filter.  To order click here.


For help with the selection process, please advance to our “Single Stage Collector” page which simplifies decision making and ordering.

In depth questions can be answered by email through our Contact page.



Bag to Canister Kits

General Information:

For over five years, our 35A Series Filters have been built specifically as upgrade replacements for the balloon bags used on hobby-type dust collectors.  With thousands of units shipped, we have developed a wealth of experience upgrading these systems.

Upon startup with a pleated cartridge filter, the first thing you will notice is a huge increase in airflow, as compared to the original bag arrangement.  This is due to the large surface area of the cartridge filter.  Remember, doubling the surface area of a filter results in a four-fold decrease in pressure.  Stock bags offer about 35 sq. ft. of area, so a 100 sq. ft. to 274 sq. ft. cartridge makes a big difference.

In addition to the increased flow, the filtration efficiency of your system is also improved.  This is partially due to the increase in surface area, but is mainly due to the improved performance of the filter media.  Our standard 35A274BLOL filter is rated 99.99% efficient at 0.5 microns after an initial break-in period.

Note that there are several different basic styles of dust collector being manufactured out there.  They all look pretty much the same, but there are subtle difference in the diameter of the rim, and the size and shape of the orifice plate (separation ring, cone).  We are slowly accumulating a database of the different variations, and have listed our notes on a separate page.

All of our filters are pretty evenly matched regarding air flow and pressure drop.  Factors to consider are: how much wood you process, is most of it fibrous such as MDF or plywoods, is much of your dust sanding dust, do you work with toxic woods, and are you or others in the area sensitive to fine dust.

Our 80/20 Blend filters have a MERV10 (out of the box) rating, but this jumps to 99.99% at 0.5 microns after an initial break-in period.  Using compressed air to clean them down (no more than 60 psi), they clean down quite nicely.  They last for many years and they are the least expensive filter in our line-up.  A good choice for non-commercial wood working.

Our synthetic Spun Bond filters have a MERV 11 (out of the box) rating which also improves with usage.  The pleat spacing of these filters is intentionally more open than the other which offers a faster dust release as they can be cleaned with up to 100 psi of compressed air.  These should be considered for heavier loading, for fibrous dusts, and for commercial shops where others will be doing the filter cleaning.  Life expectancy: long.  Note: when used on wood dust, we do not recommend washing them.

Our MERV 15 rated NANO filters have the highest filtration efficiency with no sacrifice to air flow.  The life expectancy is the same as our Blend filters mentioned above.  These are special and we use them in industry to filter toner and graphite dusts.  These are surface-loading filters and at 60 psi have a better dust release than the others.  These should be considered whenever an extra level of confidence is needed.

35A Series Kits:

Are used for converting bag type units to pleated cartridge.  This kit has been successfully adapted to most of the popular bag type dust collectors, including Harbor Freight, Jet, Delta, Grizzly, Shop Fox, General, Wood Tek, Penn State, Powermatic, Reliant, Steel City and more.

C Series Filters:

Have a round mounting flange with pre-punched holes.  They are available in open/open, open/closed and dual flanged configurations.  All filters are MERV 15 rated.

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