Advanced Nanofiber

Wynn Environmental is now offering our replacement cartridges in the Advanced Nanofiber laminate which carries the MERV 15 efficiency rating.  These are the most efficient Dust Collection filters on the market today.

The industry’s smallest available fibers:Nanofiber MERV Comparison
-50% smaller than Torit Ultra-Web®
-Best available filtration efficiency on sub-micron particles.
-Lowest pressure drop.
-Lowest operating cost.

Our new Advanced Nanofiber Cartridges are guaranteed to filter more efficiently, last longer, and run a lower pressure drop than the competition….and in many cases our Filter Cartridges are less expensive! 

Please allow us to provide a quotation for your next set of filters, or see our
Torit price sheet for up to date pricing on our most popular items.

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