Envelope Shaker Systems

SDC CutawayEnvelope Shaker dust collectors are small, stand alone systems used for localized dust control.  Like the Tube-Type Shaker System, the Envelope Shaker System and Cabinet Collector have been around for a long time.  This design includes a series of cloth or felt envelopes which are closed at the bottom and attached to a tubesheet at the top.  Air filters from the outside in, with clean air passing out of the bag’s top.  Dust is shaken free after the fan is shut down and drops into a hopper, drum, or tray.  The shaker is operated manually by pulling a bar or stepping on a pedal.

This system is typically used for grinding, sawing, wood-working, and other small indoor applications.  Usually the dust collector is attached to a single machine, but multiple ducts can be run from the larger units.

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