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Lincoln Filters

Wynn upgrade filters are now available for the Lincoln Electric 200-M and Lincoln Electric 400-MS series Welding Fume Extractors.  Our replacement filters are designed and guaranteed to deliver higher air flow, better filtration efficiency, and better cleanability than the stock OEM Filters.  This equates to longer filter life and better value.  And all of our Lincoln replacement filters are manufactured here in the U.S.A.

Lincoln OEM filters are manufactured from a low cost Cellulose media, with a MERV 11 efficiency rating.  Wynn upgrade filters are manufactured from premium quality Nanofiber Media, with a much higher MERV 14 efficiency rating.  Higher efficiency means better air quality.  This is especially important when welding stainless, or other metals requiring a low (ppm or ppb) fume particle count.  Our filter will deliver greater than 98% initial efficiency on particles between 1.0-3.0 microns…right out of the box.  By comparison, a MERV 11 product can only filter between 65%-80% at the same particle range.

When used in a self-cleaning system, our cartridge will not only filter more efficiently, but it will also clean-down better.  This is due to the surface-loading properties of our Nanofiber media.  Better cleaning translates to higher flows, and longer filter life.


We have been in this business since 1972, and have always taken pride in delivering the finest products available.  Please give us a call for additional technical information, or to place an order.


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