MERV 10 or MERV 15

Excellent. Now let’s decide how Efficient your filter should be.

Are you interested in MERV 10, or MERV 15?

MERV 10            MERV 15


When we discuss Efficiency, we are referring to the filter’s ability to remove microscopic particles from the air. Under actual field conditions, a MERV 10 filter will remove 99.99% of 0.5 micron particles.  A MERV 15 filter will remove 99.999%.  By comparison, the cloth bags found on most dust collectors will remove 98.7% of 1.0 micron particles.

Bottom line…the MERV 10 filter will bypass about 100 times less particles than a bag. The MERV 15 will bypass 1000 times less.

(For a more detailed understanding, go to our Filter Efficiency page.)




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