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Wynn replacement filters for the Torit Vibra Shake system have been custom designed to eliminate problems such as poor filter cleaning, and poor filtration efficiency, which can be an issue with the standard Torit Cellulose filters. We guarantee results with a 100% money back guarantee.

Our “SB” Spunbond series was developed over 15 years ago, and was originally designed for use on belt sanders, grinders, and abrasive cutoff saws. These operations produce dust with microscopic “hooks and barbs”, which tends to accumulate in the pleats of the factory OEM filters, eventually clogging them. Our Spunbond media is much smoother than the standard Torit Cellulose, and will clean a lot better, even when loaded with sticky, or fibrous material. And with a MERV rating of 11, the Spunbond is actually more efficient than the standard Torit Cellulose (which is only MERV 10). We have these filters in use on countless applications, ranging from metalworking, to food, to specialty chemicals. Our repeat customers swear by this filter and will never go back the the Torit factory VS filter.

NANO filters are the newest addition to our VS filter product line, and we have found them to be particularly effective at filtering dry/free-flowing powders such as Graphite and Toner dust. These materials are very difficult to capture, and will pass right through the factory Torit Donaldson MERV 10 filters. Our NANO filters are rated MERV 15, and will filter these materials effectively, while still maintaining good cleanability. Applications include graphite machining in the EDM industry, and the Toner Refilling industry, where we have found a niche of loyal customers. Please give us a call to discuss your specific application!

In addition to our winning line of replacement cartridges, we also offer HEPA final stage filters for the VS series, at distributor-level pricing. All HEPA filters meet or exceed OEM specifications, and include the MIL 282 efficiency scan along with the documentation and test results. Other vendors charge extra for test scanning.

* (VS) is a Donaldson Torit Trademark

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