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MERV 15, Open Both Ends, One End Flanged, 34" Tall, Inner and Outer cages


Ideal when used as after filters for the high efficiency cyclones designed by Bill Pentz.

Be sure to see Bill’s website for design details, and check out the Clear Vue Cyclones by Bushey Enterprises. The hot set up for a cyclone system is a pair of the 9L300BL filters, in conjunction with an inlet plenum and dropout box. These are now available directly from Clear Vue. Click on the image on the left for a larger, printable view. When applying the 9L300BL to a cyclone, one important factor to look at is air flow. As a general rule, we recommend a pair of filters for any system moving more than 700 or 800 CFM. (800 cfm corresponds to the required flow in a properly designed 6″ dust collection system.) If your system is designed to move less than 700 CFM, then a single filter will do just fine. Remember, a single filter has 4 times the pressure drop of a pair of filters, since the math includes a square function, so there are huge benefits to having that extra filter area. If you have specific questions, or need a recommendation, please give us a call. We are now offering our Farr Style cartridges in the Advanced NANOFIBER laminated which carries the MERV 15 efficiency rating. Our new 9L300NANO has been tested and approved by Bill Pentz for use on fine woodworking dust. Bill’s website can be accessed HERE where you will find a vast amount of information for the woodworker.

Flanged Style
Open at the flanged end (with gasket)
Open at non flanged end (no gasket)
Filter dimensions:
12.75” OD (13″ nominal)
8.4” ID
34” Length
Flanged dimensions 14.25” x 16.00”
Inner and Outer cage
300 sq. ft. MERV15 Nanofiber filter media

This filter is designed to flow from the inside-out.  The Nanofiber layer is on the inside.  These are not the same as typical  outside-in industrial filters.  (All industrial Nanofiber filters are directional and will fail if used in the reverse direction.)

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