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Thank you to Matt  in C-town for the following write-up.  We really appreciate the time and  effort that went into this.  It’s an excellent retrofit.  Thanks again  Matt!

Penn State DC2 from Matt in C-town
Conversion to a Wynn 35A274BLOL cartridge filter

I have been using this unit  for several years with the supplied 5 micron felt bags as a roll around  collector.  I have recently begun the project of renovating my shop.  Part of  this renovation is to enclose my collector (for noise reduction) and make it  into a central system.  This was the natural time to shoot for better filtration  and additional efficiency.  Wynn’s 35A conversion kit fit the bill perfectly for  these improvements with more than double the surface area and half the cost of  other brands.

After looking through the  different application notes on Wynn’s site I settled on George D’s retrofit with  some slight modifications (Thanks George!).

Using 3/4″ MDF, I roughed  out a circle on the bandsaw and finished it with a circle guide on my router so  that it was slightly larger than my collector’s intake housing (20 1/4″  diameter).  I then set the circle guide to cut a 1/2″ deep rabbit edge on the  circle to fit inside the intake housing (19 9/16″ diameter).  Once the outside  diameter work was done, I cut out the inner circle with a jigsaw (12 7/16″  diameter).

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Next I created (5) clips out  of brass shim stock.

Once the clips were done I  could hang them on the bottom edge of the filter and layout out the positions  for the (1/4″-20 x 7/16″-14) thread inserts.

At this point, I ran a bead  of silicone caulk at the inside corner of the rabbit on the MDF donut and placed  it on the intake housing.  After throwing a couple of clamps on, I pre-drilled  and attached the donut with (5) sheet metal screws.  Then I placed the filter on  the donut and screwed it down with 1/2″ long 1/4″-20 cap screws, lock washers &  washers.

All that was left was to  hang the supplied 4 mil poly bag and attach the assembly to the blower unit.

Do you like my upside down  dust collector?

In conclusion, I do feel  that there is a significant increase in airflow generated by my system based on  some standard operations I perform in my shop.  My jointer no longer clogs the  hose and there are no more retained chips in my tablesaw cabinet.  I will say  that after researching cartridge filters, Wynn Environmental is the best source  in both performance and price ‘hands down’!

Matt in C-town  —   Cleveland, Ohio









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