35A Series Application Notes

First, we want to thank the folks who have helped us with ways to mount our filters on a very wide range of collector configurations.  Hopefully you have already read “narrowing your filter choice” on our site.

Dust Collector Defect?

Some collectors came with the orifice pan welded “below” the air inlet port which causes dust to get sucked out of the dust collection bag.  If you don’t feel like re-positioning it to be “above” the air inlet port; remove it (or at least most of it).

A two part donut system consists of a 20 inch, top platform donut and a  smaller anchor donut.  The filter gasket seals against the platform donut.

First, the anchor donut gets recessed just below the top rim then gets secured to the tub wall with screws.  The platform donut gets firmly screwed to it then gets caulked to the rim from underneath.

Note: Flanged filters such as the C1425C and the 9L series make filter mounting easy but other filters can be adapted.  9L300NANO filters are open at both ends so one end must be capped.

There is an article in Fine Wood Working Magazine which includes the making of donuts. “Soup up you dust collector” April 2013 (NO. 232). You will not have to remove the filter after cleaning it down.

Phil Thien Baffles

Phil Thien (pronounced THEEN), Stumpy Nubs and others have much information on this topic so taking the time to check some of them out is recommended.  If you put a Phil Thien Baffle on the “inside” of your collector you will not be able to secure the filter to the collector with the provided hardware so making the donuts and using a flanged, C1425C filter is worthy of serious consideration.

Vortex Cones

The bracket which supports the cone must be under 15 inches end to end or it will interfere with the filter gasket which has an ID of 15 inches.  If yours is different, you can get some foam weather stripping and make the filter gasket wider.
To install the filter, remove the vortex cone only.  If the bolt is not already secured to the bracket, get a longer bolt, secure it firmly to the bracket then replace the cone after the filter has been installed.

Hole in Orifice Pan to Big?

Check the diameter of the hole in the orifice pan.  Some are more than 15 inches and the filter gasket has no place to seat.  Extend the width of the filter gasket with foam weather stripping or make donuts and use a flanged C1425 filter.


In a hurry to get your upgraded collector up and running?  Using cargo straps or bungee cords does work.  We have no input on duct tape so far.



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