Ease of Installation

There are three (3) basic methods of mating our filters to single stage collectors.

  1. Filter fits inside the upper rim “most common” (1)
  2. Filter rests on top of the upper rim “quite common” (2)
  3. One of our flanged filters gets secured to a home made donut (usually of plywood or MDF) (3)


Select your category and double check your findings on the charts which follow.


(1.) Most common:  “No extra hardware or gasketing needed”.  Collectors similar to Harbor Freight collectors which have an upper rim diameter of about 19-3/4″ (>18″, <20″) and also have an internal, concave orifice pan to which the filter gasket mates and the mounting hardware (gear latches) get anchored.


Underneath Harbor Freight with FGL-U hardware


Conical Orifice Pan









See the installation video on page “New 222 Filters”.

(2.) Quite common:  An additional ETG-55 gasket is needed; special mounting hardware is included with the gasket.

Collectors with a rim diameter less than 17 inches and more than 15.5 with or without a concave orifice pan fit this category.

The ETG-55 gasket gets pressed onto the upper rim and any 35 Series filter rests on top of it.  See photos on the “35 Series filter kit instructions”.

(3.) Donut Needed

If your collector has a helical orifice or if the upper rim diameter is less than 15 inches you will have to make a donut for the filter gasket to seat against.  Flanged filters are recommended.

An exception to this would be an older Jet 50-760 which as an internal ring.  The provided hardware uses this ring as an anchor point.

Use the charts as your guide.  If you are in doubt, making a donut and using a flanged filter would be a safe bet.

All of our flanged filters are MERV15, Nanofiber filters.


Helical Auger Orifice shown with donut

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