Edge Trim Gasket – ETG-55

ETG-55Our ETG-55 Edge Trim Gaskets are helpful for those who want to mate the 35A series filters to a single stage dust collector with a tub diameter of less than 16 inches.  The outside diameter of the 35A series filter is 17.6 inches, the hole diameter (filter ID) is 12.23 inches and the ID of the filter gasket is about 16 1/8 inch.  When the filter is placed on top of the metal tub rim it will leak unless a gasket is present.  The foam gasket on the filter now has no function  and the ETG-55 becomes the seal.  To seal properly, there must be more pressure applied to the gasket than just the weight of the filter and in most cases supplemental hardware is needed.  A hardware package is included with each ETG-55 gasket.

This hardware package complements the floating gear latches which come with each 35A series filter.  Using the installation instructions, ANY 35A series filter can be adapted to ANY single stage dust collector with an upper rim diameter of 15.75 or more.

To secure the gaskets, press them onto the upper rim of the collector firmly then trim.  Use tin shears as there are metal segments molded into the gaskets.  Remove any protruding metal with needle nose pliers.  No sealant is needed.

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The exception to the above is if the upper rim diameter is more then 21 inches with the hole in the orifice pan being over 15″ in diameter.

NOTE: Our ETG-66 edge trim gaskets fit diameters of 18″ to 25″ and are designed for use on special projects or hybrid systems. Please see the pricing page and note the FGL-U-4 mounting hardware which is sometimes needed.




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