Filter Medias

Blend, Spun Bond, Nano

Our 80/20 Blend filters have a MERV 10 (out of the box) rating, but this jumps to 99.99% @ 0.5 microns after an initial break-in period. Using compressed air to clean them down (no more than 60 PSI), they clean down quite nicely.  They last for many years and they are the least expensive filter in our line-up.  A good choice for non-commercial woodworking.

Available in our 35A274BLOL filter only. Our economy series.

Our synthetic Spun Bond filters have a MERV 11 (out of the box) rating which also improves with usage.  The pleat spacing of these filters is intentionally more open than the others which offers a faster dust release on fibrous dust.  This is an abrasion resistant media which is unaffected by moisture but should never be washed when used on wood dust.  Life expectancy: Long.

Available in the 35A100SBOL filter and our 9L110SB filters.

Our MERV 15 rated Nanofiber filters have the highest filtration efficiency with no sacrifice to air flow. These are rated at MERV 15 (out of the box), and 99.999% @ 0.5 microns in actual use.  The NANO filters are cleaned down with up to 60 PSI of compressed air and they last for many years.  These are surface loading filters and in industry we use Nanofiber filters for filtering very fine dusts such as graphite, toner, aluminum oxide and laser smoke.  This media should be considered for use on toxic dusts and wherever an extra level of confidence is needed.

Available in our 35A274NANO, C1425, C1425C, 9L300NANO, 13F230NANO and all cyclone filters.


Please see our Filter Efficiency page for an in-depth look at efficiency ratings and filter testing.

While filter area is important, it’s the proprietary fiber area that counts.



All Filters are made in the USA!


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