NEW 222 Filters

35BA222NANO Fiber Filters


Identical in size to the other 35A series filters in our line-up, with no sacrifice to air flow, we have opened the pleat spacing which yields the optimum balance between the popular 35A274NANO filters and the field proven (200 sq. ft.) “C” series filters to give you that EXTRA EDGE when cleaning. They have 222 sq. ft. of MERV 15 rated, NANO filber filter media.

These filters were designed to “maximize the filter cleaning” and NOT to replace the 274 sq. ft. 35A274NANO filters which have the maximum allowable square footage of MERV 15 filter media.

We then took it one step further and decided to offer them with a readily removable top end cap which is now the 35BA222NANO. Our patent pending floating gear latches have made this affordably possible.


Filter cleaning of over packed filters is now possible without having to remove the filter from the collector. Brush and/or vacuum.

Filters can now be stacked using your present 35A series filter as one of them. A desirable feature for those expanding their shop.  A list of additional filters is being compiled.

Installation of a filter monitor becomes an easy task as it can be done before the end cap is initially put on.


Press the provided rubber edge trim onto the rim of the loose (enclosed) metal end cap. All 35BA222NANO filters are provided with a loose end cap.
With the trim facing upward, place the end cap onto the exposed filter gasket then align it.
Pre-adjust the four (4) provided floating gear latches to about 2 inches.
Secure the end cap using the latches. When installing or adjusting the latches, please hold the body of the latch firmly with pliers. Do not over tighten.


Please view our new video: 222 Intro



222 Sq. Ft. of MERV 15
17.5″ x 23″, Open/Open
Shown just prior to having the enclosed end cap secured. Delivered complete with:
Metal end cap, two (2) gaskets, all mounting hardware and two plastic dust bags.
See “Selecting a filter style” to determine if an additional gasket (ETG-55) is needed to mate with your collector.


Shown with top end cap firmly secured with the provided FGL-6 floating gear latches. Patents pending.




Shown with “Do it yourself” filter monitor take off.






Img_2848a35BA222NANO shown on bottom 35A274NANO (or others) on top.
Joined using our FGL-6, floating gear latches (patents pending).





Note:  We are compiling a list of additional canisters (by others) that can be stacked with the 35BA274NANO canisters. Your input would be appreciated.



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