What is best for my shop

Non Flanged or Flanged

Non Flanged: You have four (4) choices:

1. If you are using a cyclonic style pre separator then the 35A274NANO could be the best choice.

2. The 35BA222NANO would be an excellent choice for all other set-ups as well as cyclonic style pre separators.

3. If the 35A274BLOL “economy ” filter stands out for what you do in your shop and you don’t seek the highest filtration efficiency; go for it.     They are good filters.

4. The 35A100SBOL filter is for commercial like woodworking environments.  Find it in our library.

Flanged: You have two (2) choices:

1. C Series (open or open/closed): round flange
200 sq. ft., Nano, 25″ tall

2. 13F Series (open/open): square flange
230 sq. ft., Nano, 34″ tall

Review the charts and library to narrow your choice further.

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