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For over eight years, we have been manufacturing special dust capturing canister style pleated cartridge upgrades replacing the balloon bags used on single stage dust collectors. With thousands of units shipped, we have developed a wealth of experience upgrading these systems.

Upon start up with a pleated cartridge (canister) filter, the first thing you will notice is a big increase in airflow. This is due to the relatively large surface area of the cartridge filter.  Stock bags offer about 35 sq. ft. of area, so a 100 sq. ft. to 274 sq. ft. cartridge makes a huge difference.  Remember, doubling the surface area of a filter results in a four-fold decrease in pressure.

In addition to the increased flow, the filtration efficiency of your system is also improved. This is partially due to the increase in surface area, but is mainly due to the improved performance of the filter media. Our standard 35A274BLOL filter is rated 99.99% efficient at 0.5 microns after an initial break-in period. Nano filters achieve 99.999% efficiency.

Note that there are several basic styles of collectors being manufactured out there.  They all look pretty much the same but there are subtle differences so it will be helpful if you know what you have or are about to get.  Things like:  tub diameter,  orifice style and location relative to the inlet, type of pre-separator in use or planned and what you expect from your upgraded collector.

All of our filters are somewhat evenly matched regarding air flow and pressure drop. Factors to consider are: how much wood you process, is most of it fibrous such as MDF or ply-woods, is much of your dust sanding dust, do you work with toxic woods, and are you or others in the area sensitive to fine dust.


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