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Floating Gear Latches

Floating Gear Latches (Patents Pending)

Available in two (2) sizes.
1/2″ wide x 4″ Maximum Length (FGL-U)
5/16″ wide x 2″ Maximum Length (FGL-6)

FGL-U (universal) latches have a worm gear drive (5/16″ hex head or flat bladed screw driver). Mainly used to secure the 35A series filters to the collectors.

Three (3) of the FGL-U latches are supplied with each 35A series filter at no additional charge.  They get attach to the underside of the filter in a triangular pattern and get anchored to the hole in the concave orifice pan.  This compress the filter gasket.

For collectors that do not have a concave orifice pan, please see the chart and note that an edge trim gasket (ETG-55) and peripheral latching hardware are probably needed.  The hardware comes with the gasket at no additional charge.  i.e….ETG-55 + three (3) latch keepers + six (6) spring nuts and six (6) screws. The latches come with the filter.

For those doing special projects, complete FGL-U-4 packages are available here. Included Four (4) latches, eight (8) latch keepers, eight (8) spring nuts and sixteen (16) screws.

FGL-6 latches have a worm gear drive (1/4″ hex head or flat bladed screw driver.)  Mainly used to join components. Filter stacking, attaching filter pans and installing gamma seal lids.

FGL-6 latches shown holding two stacked filters.  It is best to use a “filter gasket” as the seal (determined when ordering your filters).

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