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Replace your old filter bag with an industrial quality pleated canister filter!

If you have a single stage dust collector of ANY brand or size, we offer a canister style filter that can be adapted to it.  And, if you are building a custom or hybrid system, our filters are adaptable as well.

35 Series Filters are easy to install, and don’t require removal for cleaning.  Just hit the outside of the filter with compressed air and all of the dust drops down into the lower bag!

35 Series Filters are designed to fit all standard, single stage dust collectors with upper rim diameters ranging from 14 to 20 inches:

  • 35A274BLOL – MERV 10 with a fixed end cap. To order click here.
  • 35B222NANO – MERV 15 Nanofiber with removable end cap. To order click here.
  • 35C222NANO – MERV 15 Nanofiber with fixed end cap.  This filter replaces the original 35A274NANO filter.  To order click here.

For help with the selection process, please advance to our “Single Stage Collector” page which simplifies decision making and ordering.

In depth questions can be answered by email through our Contact page.

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