Hybrid Systems

A hybrid system is a single stage dust collector (or its blower) with a pre-separator in front of it.  The pre-separator can be a drop-out box, trash can, a Phil Thien baffle, or a cyclone.

To mount the filter, the body (tub) of the collector is usually used, but using a wall or cart-mounted bracket is equally popular.

Available space (height) may influence your filter choice.

Each of the following examples includes a Cyclone pre-separator, Blower assembly, and MERV 15 final stage filter:



Filter on Top of collector body (tub) of a single stage collector. All 35-series filters are compatible with this set up.  Note: The illustrated donut may or may not be needed.







See the DIY Tyler Video above. Filter on underside of collector body (tub) of single stage collector. Customer made donut needed (see video) use a flanged, MERV 15, 13F230NANO filter.




Filter mounted on home made bracket or platform.  Use a flanged, MERV 15, 13F230NANO filter.
Guideline – Start with 1 filter for up to 2 ½ HP. Adjust as the demand dictates remembering that a pre-separator will reduce filter loading.





For additional ideas, please see page Plenum Boxes on the Cyclone Filter Upgrades section of our site.



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