Filters For Cyclones


Wynn Environmental has developed a line of filter cartridges engineered specifically for use as after-filters on the more popular woodworking cyclones.

All of our designs offer the optimal balance between efficiency, filter area, pleat spacing and dust release properties.  Remember, a filter with a 200 sq. ft. surface area has one-quarter the pressure awop of a 100 sq. ft. filter, (the math includes a square function).  Choosing to upgrade to our Wynn Environmental filters with all of this extra surface area means your cyclone will move more air, do a better job of collecting the fine dust, and go much longer between  filter cleanings.  Because less-frequent filter cleanings mean less wear and tear, our filters last much longer.  Clearly upgrading to our filters with the additional surface is a significant benefit.

A comparison chart can be found here:
Cyclone Filter Comparison Chart

These filters fit into two categories:

1. Direct Oneida and Penn State Replacements (physically)
13 Inch 2N230NANO (1 or 2 Gaskets)
18 Inch 62N220NANO (1 or 2 Gaskets) (Oneida only)
The end caps have a shelf for receiving the original “J” bolts or our adjustable floating gear latches which are used when stacking or receiving a filter pan.

2.  Flanged 9L Series
These are most commonly suspended from a do-it-yourself, ceiling mounted plenum.  The filters remain in place for cleaning.  These are stackable with dust collection choices.  A good choice for all non-Oneida cyclones.


13″ Diameter for Oneida and Penn State:2N230NANO (2)

Our 2N230NANO filters were designed as direct replacements for the MERV 11 spun bond filters found on popular cyclones.  The 12.75 inch (13 inch nominal) OD end caps with a latch shelf make these directly interchangeable, and our filter area is typically double or triple that of a the filters we replace.  Nano technology makes this possible.  The 2N230NANO1G can be stacked using FGL-6 adjustable gear latches with O-Ring gasket.

2N230NANO Specification:
230 square feet of Nanofiber filter media
Efficiency Rating:  MERV 15
OD = 12.75″, ID = 8″
Length = 34″
Cages inside and out
2N230NANO1G includes (1) 0.5″ thick foam gasket
2N230NANO2G includes (2) 0.5″ thick foam gaskets

18″ Diameter for Oneida:62N220NANO (2)

Our 62N220NANO filters are designed as replacement filters for all, 18″ OD filters offered by Oneida.
They are designed to be stacked with our FGL-6 adjustable gear latches.

62N220NANO Specifications:
220 square feet of Nanofiber filter media
Efficiency Rating:  MERV 15
OD = 18″, ID = 12.9″
Length = 25″
Cage outside only
62N220NANO1G includes (1) 0.5″ thick foam gasket
62N220NANO2G includes (2) 0.5″ thick foam gaskets
Use one of each when stacking with FGL-6 adjustable gear latches.

Replacing Oneida 62 inch filters (18 ” diameter).
These are frequently found in pairs.


Cyclones are designed to operate at a specific, pre-determined, un-obstructed air flow. Restricting the air flow with a partially packed filter exponentially reduces the efficiency, which in turn, allows even MORE dust to get through. Remember, doubling the filter area reduces the back pressure ” FOUR FOLD “. Please see our CYCLONE FILTERS “surface area comparison chart”. The 18″ X 62″ Oneida filters are either MERV 11 or MERV 16 rated and BOTH have 130 sq. ft. of filter media; or 260 sq. ft. per pair. Using Wynn 62N220NANO filters takes you to 440 and 880 sq. ft respectively. The difference is HUGE. To replace each Oneida 62 inch filter, you must stack two (2) Wynn 62N220NANO filters using our FGL-6 adjustable gear latches to secure them. Order one (1) 62N220NANO2G (two gaskets) and one 62N2201G and you wind up with a gasket at the top of the stack and one at the bottom. To clean the Wynn NANO filters, leave them in place and clean them from the outside with no more than 60 psi of compressed air. The dust release properties of these filters are excellent. The Wynn 62N220NANO and 2N230NANO cyclone  filters have end caps with a shelf which makes them adaptable to Oneida cyclone transitions, Oneida dust pans, the Wynn floating gear latches and the Wynn ” Filter Pans “. Monitoring the status of filters is always a good idea. Please see



9L Series (Flanged) Filters9L300NANO (3)

The popular 9L300NANO, flanged filters are commonly stacked, yielding a total filter area of 600 sq. ft.  This is over-kill for many smaller cyclones, but very effective for systems running up to 1800 cfm.  This is a tried and true design that has been used successfully on thousands of cyclone installations nationwide.

9L300NANO Specifications:
300 square feet of MERV 15  Nanofiber filter media
OD = 12.75, ID = 8.4″
Length = 34″
Flange = 14.25″ x 16.0″
0.5″ thick gasket on flanged end
Cages inside and out

Also available in spun bond material.

Stackable but usually installed in parallel.  When stacking mate at non flanged ends which have no gaskets and use the FGL-6 adjustable gear latches.

Dust Storage:  Our 13″, 65N20NEXGEN filter pans (described below) can be mated with the non flanged end of the 9L series filters only.

Unscrewable, gamma seal lids and 5 gallon pails are available at Home Depot stores.  These can be adapted to either end of the 9L series filters.  Contact us with any questions.  A package of our floating gear latches (FGL-6) will be needed.


Please see our Gamma Seal Lids page



Our MERV15   64N30NexGen  and 65N20NEXGEN Filter Pans are directly interchangeable with most existing 13″ and 18″ latch-on type dust pans and they add a high percentage of filter area to potentially flawed filter systems.  The resulting revived air flow restores cyclone efficiency and reduces filter loading.  .

Use the FGL-6 gear latches (included with the filter pan) to secure a filter pan to the Wynn filters (canisters) or the Oneida filters (canister).

65N20NEXGEN Specifications:
20 square feet of Spun Bond filter media
OD = 13″, ID = 8.4″
Length = 5″
Cage outside only
Gasket (Loose) included
FGL-6 latches included

64N30NEXGEN Specifications:
30 square feet of Spun Bond filter media
OD = 18″, ID = 12.9″
Length = 5″
Cage outside only
Gasket (Loose) included
FGL-6 latches included

Additional Information

The Filter Pans are designed to share the load, not handle the load and adding 20 or 30 sq. feet to an existing 95 or 110 sq. feet canister makes a huge difference. They should be cleaned down with no more than 60 psi of compressed air just like our NanoFiber filters.





All of the above Wynn filters are designed specifically for use with cyclones and have been tested and approved by Bill Pentz.  Bill’s website can be accessed here.

Misleading HEPA Claims:
We receive the occasional phone call from customers looking for a cyclone HEPA filter.  We have been in this business since 1972 and to the best of our knowledge, there is no  such thing as a “Cleanable HEPA” here in the United States.  Here in the  U.S., a filter must meet MIL Std 282 to be called a HEPA…that’s 99.97%  efficient at 0.3 microns.  European HEPA standards vary widely from H10,  which is only 85% efficient at 0.3 micron, all the way up to H14, which is  99.995%.  Before you risk your health, or waste a lot of money on a filter,  be sure to do your research.  A quick Google search for
“European hepa efficiency”, or “en 1822” will turn up valuable  information.  Again, in the United States, a filter must be 99.97%  efficient at 0.3 microns to be rated HEPA.

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have.



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