Dust Collectors

Pulse-Jet Cartridge Systems
 for filtration of dry/free-flowing powders, dusts, and fumes.  Applications are far too numerous to list, but include grinding, welding, powder coating, grit blasting, bagging, blending, conveying and other materials-handling applications.

for collection of heavy particles and high loadings.  Available with after-filters for increased collection efficiency.


Pulse-Jet Bag House Systems for high volume and high loading applications, elevated temperatures, and fibrous dust collection.  Applications include wood working, rock/earth products crushing/screening, and dryers.


 Wet Collectors for use with flammable metals such as Aluminum, Titanium, and Magnesium.


Tube-type shaker systems
 for fibrous dusts such as wood-working, paper, and textiles.



Balloon Bag systems for inexpensive control of wood-working, paper, and textile dusts.


Envelope Shaker Systems and Cabinet Collectors 
for grinding, fibrous dust, and intermittant, low-volume, or light-loading applications.



Downdraft Tables for direct capture during grinding and sanding operations.



Ambient Systems for supplimental clean-up of shop air.



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