Gamma Seal Lids


Gamma Seal Lids are “two part”, unscrewable, snap-on, 5 gallon pail lids with an “o” ring seal.  Modified, they serve nicely as removable dust collection pails for under suspended canister style filters commonly found on dust collection cyclones.  A good source for these is at Home Depot stores and they sell for under $9 plus the cost of the 5 gallon pail.

A package of FGL-6 floating gear latches will be needed to secure the lid to the filter see our price sheet here.


Installation Procedure

Unscrew the bottom section from the top section.  It’s the larger section which snaps onto the pail lid.  Set it aside for now.

Remove the “Gamma Seal” sticker from the top section.  This side (with a bead of silicone) and 4 floating gear latches will be mated with the bottom end cap of a 12.75 inch diameter pleated filter canister such as the 2N220NANO, the 9L series and some filters by others.




Drill four (4), 5/8 inch clearance holes as illustrated.  The floating gear latches will be attached at these four points.




Cut the rest of the center out leaving what will be a 7-3/4 inch hole for the dust to fall through.  Hole size not critical.



Pre-adjust each of the four floating gear latches to have a 2 inch length (prong to prong).  It is recommended to hold the latches with pliers when adjusting them.


Position a latch with the slotted screw head facing upward so the two prongs straddle the center support fin.





Pressing on the latch inward and downward slightly, unscrew the latch until the lower prongs clear the internal filter end cap lip.  Then tighten it hand tight.

Install the other three latches.

Re-tighten each latch (not to tight).  Over tightening will distort the plastic to the point where it could break.

Place the bottom section on the pail lid, press down firmly and tap on it with a mallet until it is seated.

That’s it!

If a 15 inch tall pail is too tall, consider shortening it.  The following will reduce the 15 inch height of a 5 gallon pail to about 6 inches with a 1-2/3 gallon capacity.

Make a 10-7/8 inch disc of 3/4 inch scrap wood.

Press it into your 5 gallon pail and with a marker pen, scribe where it is located.

Remove it and mark where the fastening screws will go.  Six should be sufficient.

Drill small pilot holes for the mounting screws.

Install the new pail bottom then caulk it.

Trim (remove) the original pail bottom.

That’s it!

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