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Lawn & Leaf Collection

We offer all popular sizes of flexible Lawn and Leaf Vacuum Hose in Black Rubber, and in Clear Urethane.  Our leaf vac hose is ideal for everything from smaller tractor mounted vacuums, all the way up to the huge truck vacs…and we ship from stock!

All of our Flexible Hose is made in the USA.

In addition to our stock lawn vacuum hose, we offer a vast array of specialty hose, which is built to order.  Please give us a call with any special requirements, or for information on other diameters.  Our Standard and Dust Collection Hose is found by clicking here.

Please note that all of our Leaf Hose is sized by the Inside Diameter (I.D.). Please double-check with a tape measure before you place your order.

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All 10 foot hose sections are cut to 10 foot 4 inches before packaging, and are measured in their extended state as they come off the production line.  All hose remains slightly compressed after being packed and stored inside the box, and will normally measure 7 to 8 feet immediately after unpacking.  It will grow a bit overnight, but must be stretched to reach the original manufactured length of 10 foot. 

If your application requires over 9 feet in a relaxed state then please contact our office.  For a nominal up-charge, we can make a special production run for you.


NOTE: All of our Urethane Leaf Hose is Ether-based, not Ester-based.
Ester-based hose is susceptible to hydrolysis and microbe degradation when used on lawn and leaf applications.
Click HERE for detailed info.

Shipping Notes

Effective immediately, all 10′ lengths of Leaf Vacuum Hose up to 12″ diameter will ship UPS with no oversize charges. This includes RBW45, UC30, and UC45 products.

Please contact our office for shipping rates on the UC60 product, and all sizes 14″ and over.  We are very good at packaging, and make every possible effort to keep freight costs down.  All freight charges are billed at our actual cost.  We do not inflate the shipping charges, and do not add handling fees.

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