Tube Type Shaker Collector

Tube ShakerLike the pulse-jet system, the Tube-Type Shaker dust collector is sometimes referred to as a “baghouse”. The Tube-Type Shaker System has been around for a long time, over 50 years according to one source, but it may be older than that.  The basic design includes a multitude of cloth or felt tubes which are closed at the top and clamped to a tubesheet thimble at the bottom.  Air filters from the bottom up and the inside out.  The bag’s top includes a loop or strap which is attached to a shaker rack.  Dust is automatically shaken free, after the fan is shut down, and drops into a hopper or drum(s).

This system is particularly well suited to fibrous or other dusts that can be shaken clean off-line.  Production wood-working is the primary market for this system, although it works well for grinding, aluminum sawing, and other applications where a relatively coarse or fibrous dust is produced.

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