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HazarDust 1500 Cutaway

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The Wet Dust Collector is sometimes referred to as a wet scrubber or orifice scrubber, and is generally used for flammable metal dust.  NFPA states that flammable metal dusts are not to be collected dry. (One exception is aluminum dust, but only if the dust collector is located outdoors and equipped with explosion relief devices.) This patented wet collector meets all NFPA requirements and may be located indoors, thereby eliminating expensive and potentially hazardous duct runs.




Clear View of the Patented Scrubber Section

Air is drawn into the collector and is forced to churn through a torturous path, through a partially submerged perforated baffle.  Dust is separated by making contact with water in this section.  The air then passes into the mist eliminator section and then into the fan section.  Dust settles in the bottom of the system where it is stored until removal.



HazarDust 3600 Photo

Two 3,600 CFM Systems on a tough application


These systems are built to last.  The entire unit is fabricated from 304 Stainless, including the blower wheel, so corrosion is not a factor.  The only moving parts are the blower wheel and the level control float, which make this system extremely reliable.
Combination motor starters are mounted and pre-wired.


HazDust 3672 Front with sides open

Wet Downdraft Table
72″ Wide

HazarDust 1500 Photo

“Cutaway View”

Wet Collector

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