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Stumpy’s Wall Mount Upgrade


  • Filter Mounting
  • Twist-Off vs. Fixed Filters.
  • Adapting a Gamma Seal Lid
  • Pail Storage

Following are some anticipated questions.  Please let us know if we missed one or two:

Q     Are the shorter 35-Series Filters offered by Wynn applicable for wall-mount upgrades?
A     No. The 35-Series are not designed to be hung or suspended.

Q     Do all of the 13 Series Filters come with an extra Gasket and a package of the FGL-6 Latches used for securing Gamma Seal Lids?
A     Yes. 

Q     If I am modifying a model 13R230NANO filter to be Twist-Off, do I need that second FGL-6 Latch Package?
A     Yes.  If you want Pail Storage you will need a second pack of FGL-6.

Q     Can I stack two of the 13R230NANO filters and make the stack Twist-Off?
A     No.  It is a weight/safety issue.

Q     Are the provided Hose Clamps in the available kits Offset?
A     No, they are provided for the bag, not for hose.

Q     Should the dust storage (bag, pail) be supported?
A     Yes.

Q     If my Blower is over 2 HP, is one filter enough?
A     No.

Q     Should the dust storage (bag, pail) be supported?
A     Yes.

Q     If I am using a flanged 13F230NANO filter, don’t I only need the shelf with the 4 inch Hole, plus Brackets and Collar?
A     Correct.

Q     Where can I buy real Gamma Seal Lids?
A     Try U-Line.

Q     If my question is not listed above, what is the best way to get an answer or an opinion?
A     Send us an E-Mail though our Contact Page (HERE)

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