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Plenum Boxes

With the larger Cyclones, a great way to attach your blower discharge to your filters is by building a Plenum Box.

Replacing or upgrading cyclones with directly interchangeable filters is not always possible but upgrading can be achieved if you make a ceiling or wall mounted plenum box.  We have standardized on two (2) flanged filters for use with DIY plenum boxes; the 13F230NANO and the 9L300NANO.  The non flanged 13R230NANO filters are used when stacking.

Note:  Our 13F230NANO AND 9L300NANO filters are almost identical.

  • The 9L300NANO filters (300 sq. ft.) were designed for use with high efficiency cyclones and ambient air cleaners. In addition to having an outer cage, they have an inner cage which can potentially trap larger dust particles passed by cyclones of questionable efficiency.  A “non-issue” with high efficiency cyclones or ambient air cleaners.  These ship with one fixed gasket on the flanged end only.
  • The 13F230NANO filters have an open pleat design for better dust release, no inner cage but a rugged, heavy duty outer cage.  These ship with one fixed and one loose gasket.
  • If your cyclone is relatively tall and skinny, it probably fits into the high efficiency category.  ClearVue cyclones fit into this category and systems by others may as well but many do not.
  • High efficiency cyclones can use one (1) 9L300NANO filter or one(1) 13F230NANO filter for every 750 cfm, or every 2-1/2 HP, if loading is not severe but allow room for adding a filter should the need arise in the future.  Stacking is the most popular way of achieving this.
  • All flanged filters have a fixed gasket on the flanged end.  More information is on the “Filter Library” page.
  • When stacking any of the 13F, 9L, 13R or 18R filters, use a package of FGL-6 floating gear latches. See price page.
  • All 13F, 9L, 13R and 18R filters are MERV 15 rated an manufactured in the United States.
  • Filters weigh about 21 lbs. each.
  • Consider using 1/2 or 34″ plywood for your new plenum box as plywood is a very good low frequency noise barrier and consider lining the inside of the plenum box with remnant carpeting as this helps reduce the high frequency noise.
  • Installing an inexpensive filter gauge (monitor) would be a good idea. See filter monitors.
  • Consider using carriage bolts when attaching flanged filters to plenum boxes.
  • The end wall (opposite the air inlet) should be slanted to reduce turbulence.

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Example Photos

The following video ( Shawnee Hills Workshop ) will be helpful if space is a concern and filter access for cleaning could be an issue. Good illustration of Gamma Seal Lid attachment and filter monitor implementation.

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