Pulse Jet Cartridge

SFC 1Pulse-Jet Cartridge dust collectors use round, pleated cartridges, which pack a large surface area into a small filter.  Filter media is typically a “paper” made of cellulose, polyester, or a combination of the two.  The two basic styles of dust collector are vertical, and horizontal (down flow style).  The horizontal style is popular due to its compact design and smaller footprint but most experts consider the vertical style superior in performance.  Vertical systems are used where complete filter cleaning is required, and for other special applications.


The main advantage of a cartridge system over other types of dust collectors is superior filtration efficiency.  Cartridges can filter a 0.5 micron fume to better than 99.99 % efficiency on a continuous basis.  The filters can be pulsed clean while on-line (with the fan running), which is necessary on many applications.


These systems are typically used for filtration of dry/free-flowing powders, dusts, and fumes.  Applications include grinding, welding, powder coating, grit blasting, bagging, blending, conveying and other materials-handling applications.2N230NANO (2)

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