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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are filters found on the internet as good as Wynn Filters?
A: No, unless they meet ALL of Wynn specifications… (Reverse flow, filter surface area, cage specification, gasket specifications and MERV rating.)
Micron size is not a substitute for MERV ratings.

Q: What is the advantage of the 35B222NANO with the removable top end cap?
A:  The removable top end cap makes it convenient to inspect and clean the filter if necessary from the inside without removing it.  If you are installing a filter monitor (gauge), it is easier to install the take-off for the tubing with the top end cap removed.

Q: Are all of your canister style filters manufactured in the USA?
A: Yes! Proudly

Q: Do you have dealers or distributors anywhere?
A: Not at this time

Q: Do you ship your woodworking canisters outside the USA?
A: Yes, we do ship our woodworking filters to Canada and Mexico.

Q: Is there a noticeable air flow difference between the MERV 10 and MERV 15 filters, noting that the square footage is different ?
A: No, these filters are designed to yield the same air flow.

Q: What is the difference between the 9L300NANO and the 13F230NANO?
A:  They are essentially the same but the 9L300NANO has more square feet of media and an inner cage.  The 13F230NANO has no inner cage and a special, heavy duty outer cage which can be helpful when cleaning.  The 9L300NANO is recommended for DIY ambient systems and the 13F230NANO is recommended for Hybrid Systems and for cyclones of questionable separation efficiency.

Q: Can a flanged 13F230NANO filter be installed on the top of single stage collectors?
A: Yes, but a donut will be needed.

Q: Do any of your filters have cranks with paddles?
A: No. Paddles rub the filter media and pin-hole leaks will develop.  Our filters incorporate the same filter media used in large industrial systems.  This filter media is designed to be cleaned using compressed air.

Q: Are your filters washable?
A: No, we do not recommend washing.  Our woodworking filters are cleaned-down from the outside with about 60 PSI of compressed air. Just use your blow-off nozzle.

Q: Why don’t you call your woodworking filters HEPA filters?
A: Many of the HEPA filters sold by other manufacturers are not HEPA-rated by US standards. Our filters are proudly MERV 15 rated. We do offer true HEPA filters, which can be found at our HEPA page.

Q: Why don’t you rate your filters in microns?
A: Using the term only tells half the story. Micron rating does not reveal the filter efficiency at a given particle size. The MERV rating does. Remember, the “M” in MERV stands for Minimum.

Q: How long can I expect my Wynn filter to last?
A: Years and years if it isn’t abused or misused. For most people this is a lifetime filter.

Q: Are the flanged “C” filters still being manufactured?
A: No.  Use a 35C222NANO filter or contact us.

Q: I have an older Jet, DC-1100 with an ID of just under 18 inches. Will a 35 series filter fit?
A: No, the filter would get wedged-in. A donut is needed.

Q: In my collector, the concave orifice pan is located below the air inlet. Is this ok?
A: No. That was a factory flaw and it might have a tendency to suck dust out of the collection bag. We recommend that you move the pan to the upper rim, or simply remove it and add a donut.

Q: How would you rate pre-separators?
A: Trash can (good), trash can with Phil Thien baffle (very good), cyclone (excellent).

Q: Do I need a pre-separator?
A: Possibly not. Consider taking the wait-and-see approach. You can always add one later.  A pre-separator will reduce your cleaning interval, but it will not affect the filtration efficiency.

Q: Can I put a gamma seal lid on the underside of my single stage collector?
A: Yes, but you will have to make a donut.

Q: Do you sell gamma seal lids?
A: No.  Try Lowes, or look for them on-line.

Q: Do you offer Military discounts?
A: Yes, but you will have to phone your order in to us.

Q: Did you recently change some part numbers?
A: Yes, to streamline things the 35-series and C-series filters have been consolidated into (3) offerings, which can be found (here).  Filter gaskets were upgraded, and new special mounting hardware is now included with each filter.

Q: I want to mount my dust collector up, off of the floor.  Can 35-series filters be secured to the underside of single stage collectors?
A: No, the 13F230NANO is a better choice.  Go to our Hybrid Systems page, and click of the DIY Tyler video for details.

Q: Can your filters remove smoke?
A: It depends.  Please contact us to discuss your application.

Q: I am shopping for a new/used dust collector.  Can you recommend a single stage dust collector to buy?
A: No, we prefer to remain neutral , and we do not endorse any one manufacturer over another.

Q: Where do I find information about your flanged filters and filter upgrades for cyclones?
A: See the Cyclone Filter Upgrades section of our site and see the Filter Library.

Q: When ordering from Canada, do orders have to be phoned in?
A: Yes, but first we must calculate freight.  Please contact us by email with the complete ship-to address so we can get back to you with a shipping cost.

Q: Can I have a filter shipped on my UPS ground or FedEx ground account?
A: Sure, but you must order by phone.  Give us a call.

Q: While my collector is running, the plastic dust collection bag is tightly inflated.  Is that an indication that the filter needs cleaning?
A: Yes.  The pressure inside the bag is equal to the pressure inside the filter.  As your filter becomes blocked, air flow is reduced, and pressure increases.

Q: Does the new mounting hardware eliminate having to mount the filters from underneath?
A: Yes, but you can still mount from underneath, if you prefer.

Q: I received my 35 series filter, which has an O.D. of 17.5 inches, and it is too small (narrow) to fit my Harbor Freight collector, which has a rim diameter of about 19-1/2 inches. What can I do?
A: The filter is designed to rest inside the outer rim. The filter gasket seats down against the sloping pan, forming the seal. The filter then gets secured with the provided mounting hardware. This is true of MANY single stage collectors.

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