Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all of your canister style filters manufactured in the USA?
A: Yes! Proudly

Q: Do you have dealers or distributors anywhere?
A: Not at this time

Q: Do you ship your woodworking canisters outside the USA?
A: Yes, we do ship the 35 series filters to Canada and Mexico.

Q: Do any of your filters have cranks with paddles?
A: No. Paddles rub the filter media and pin-hole leaks will develop.  Our filters incorporate the same filter media used in large industrial systems.  This filter media is designed to be cleaned using compressed air.

Q: Are your filters washable?
A: No, we do not recommend washing.  Our woodworking filters are cleaned-down from the outside with about 60 PSI of compressed air. Just use your blow-off nozzle.

Q: Why don’t you call your woodworking filters HEPA filters?
A: Many of the HEPA filters sold by other manufacturers are not HEPA-rated by US standards. Our filters are proudly MERV 15 rated. We do offer true HEPA filters, which can be found at our HEPA page.

Q: Why don’t you rate your filters in microns?
A: Using the term only tells half the story. Micron rating does not reveal the filter efficiency at a given particle size. The MERV rating does. Remember, the “M” in MERV stands for Minimum.

Q: How long can I expect my Wynn filter to last?
A: Years and years if it isn’t abused or misused. For most people this is a lifetime filter.

Q: Are the flanged “C” filters still being manufactured?
A: No.

Q: I have an older Jet, DC-1100 with an ID of just under 18 inches. Will a 35 series filter fit?
A: No, the filter would get wedged-in. A donut is needed.

Q: In my collector, the concave orifice pan is located below the air inlet. Is this ok?
A: No. That was a factory flaw and it might have a tendency to suck dust out of the collection bag. We recommend that you move the pan to the upper rim, or simply remove it and add a donut.

Q: How would you rate pre-separators?
A: Trash can (good), trash can with Phil Thien baffle (very good), cyclone (excellent).

Q: Do I need a pre-separator?
A: Possibly not. Consider taking the wait-and-see approach. You can always add one later.  A pre-separator will reduce your cleaning interval, but it will not affect the filtration efficiency.

Q: Can I put a gamma seal lid on the underside of my single stage collector?
A: Yes, but you will have to make a donut.

Q: Do you sell gamma seal lids?
A: No.  Try Lowes, or look for them on-line.

Q: Do you offer Military discounts?
A: Yes, but you will have to phone your order in to us.

Q: Did you recently change some part numbers?
A: Yes, to streamline things the 35-series and C-series filters have been consolidated into (3) offerings, which can be found (here).  Filter gaskets were upgraded, and new special mounting hardware is now included with each filter.

Q: I want to mount my dust collector up, off of the floor.  Can 35-series filters be secured to the underside of single stage collectors?
A: No, the 13F230NANO is a better choice.  Go to our Hybrid Systems page, and click of the DIY Tyler video for details.

Q: Can a flanged 13F230NANO filter be installed on the top of single stage collectors?
A: Yes, but a donut will be needed.

Q: Can your filters remove smoke?
A: It depends.  Please contact us to discuss your application.

Q: I am shopping for a new/used dust collector.  Can you recommend a single stage dust collector to buy?
A: No, we prefer to remain neutral , and we do not endorse any one manufacturer over another.

Q: Where do I find information about your flanged filters and filter upgrades for cyclones?
A: See the Cyclone Filter Upgrades section of our site and see the Filter Library.

Q: When ordering from Canada, do orders have to be phoned in?
A: Yes, but first we must calculate freight.  Please contact us by email with the complete ship-to address so we can get back to you with a shipping cost.

Q: Can I have a filter shipped on my UPS ground or FedEx ground account?
A: Sure, but you must order by phone.  Give us a call.

Q: While my collector is running, the plastic dust collection bag is tightly inflated.  Is that an indication that the filter needs cleaning?
A: Yes.  The pressure inside the bag is equal to the pressure inside the filter.  As your filter becomes blocked, air flow is reduced, and pressure increases.

Q: Does the new mounting hardware eliminate having to mount the filters from underneath?
A: Yes, but you can still mount from underneath, if you prefer.

Q: Can a new angle bracket mounting hardware kit be ordered separately?
A: Yes; Part # ABK-4, shipped first class mail.



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