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Stumpy’s YouTube Video


  • 35 Series Filter Installation (19-1/2″ Single Stage)
  • Donut Hints
  • Innovative Pail Storage

Following are some anticipated questions.  Please let us know if we missed one or two:

Q     Does Wynn offer (sell) Gamma Seal Lids, Bar Clamps, or Dust Bag Gear Clamps?
A     No Lids or Bars, but we do have 24″ Hose Clamps (HERE)

Q     Does Wynn sell Clear Plastic Dust Collection Bags?
A     Yes.  Our 1940PB is sold as a 10-pack.  These are found (HERE)

Q     If the Lower Bag on my collector is Cloth, should I replace it with a Plastic Bag?
A     Yes.  If you don’t, the cloth bag will continue to leak dust into your shop air.

Q     Do you have photos of various sized collectors with a canister on top?
A     Yes.  Please see our 35 Series Instructions sheet (HERE)

Q     What Diameter Hole should I use on the Inside of my Donut?
A     9 or 10 inches ID is recommended.

Q     What are the Gasket Dimensions on the 35 Series filters?
A     OD = 17.5″, ID = 12.75″, Thickness = 0.5″

Q     Which filter was used in the Stumpy Video?
A     Stumpy used the 35B222NANO.  This has the removable cap.

Q     Should the Angle Bracket Screw be Sealed?
A     Only if the Screw will be in the Airstream.

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“How a bucket and a donut changed my dust collector”

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