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Installation, Operation, Maintenance

Over the years, and with the help of our countless wonderful and talented customers, we have developed methods for adapting the 35-Series filters to practically every single-stage dust collector ever manufactured.  Sometimes a simple mounting-donut is required, but not usually.  The hardware kit included with your filter includes everything you need to do a first-class job.

The Mounting Instructions for the 35 series kits can be downloaded here:
35 Series Instructions

No special operating instructions are needed.  Once installed, the efficiency or your new filter will increase rapidly, reaching 99.99% to 99.999% within just a few minutes to a few hours after startup.  You will be operating at peak efficiency on day one!

Keeping your system running at peak performance is simple.  The only required maintence for the 35 Series Filter is emptying the poly bag, and cleaning the filter.  Cleaning intervals can vary from a few hours on a CNC router, to a few weeks for a home hobbyist.  Every installation is different.  When the airflow, or suction at your hoods begins to drop below an acceptible level, it is time to clean.  It’s really that simple.

When it comes time to clean:

-Leave the filter in place.  Do not remove it!
-Blow the filter (from the outside) with 60 psi of compressed air.  All of that fine dust and wood flour will pour down into the lower bag.
-Empty the plastic poly bag before it is full.
-These filters are designed to go through hundreds, if not thousands of cleaning cycles.

If you like to customize, please check out this do-it-yourself filter monitor.  This is a simple method of visualizing filter pressure.  A filter monitor provides a direct indication of filter status, and tells you when it is time to clean:

Filter Monitors

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