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Frequently Asked Questions

Reminder:  MERV15 rated filters have higher filtration efficiency than MERV10 and 12 rated filters.

Q: Are filters found on the internet as good as Wynn Filters?
A: No, unless they meet ALL of Wynn specifications… (Reverse flow, filter surface area, cage specification, gasket specifications and MERV rating.)
Micron size is not a substitute for MERV ratings.

Q. Can I stack two (2) of the 13R230NANO filters and make the entire stack unscrewable?
A: No. It’s a weight/safety issue.

Q: Can a Gamma Seal Lid be secured be secured to the flanged end of a Wynn filter?
A: Yes but FGL-6 latches are needed.

Q: Does Wynn sell bar clamps?
A: No.

Q: What is a suggested source for the real Gamma Seal Lids?
A: U-line

Q: Are the shorter 35-series filters applicable for wall mounting upgrades?
A: No. The 35 series filters are not designed to be hung or suspended. Our 13-series filters should be considered.

Q: Do all of the 13-series filters come with an extra gasket, plus a package of the FGL-6 latches used for stacking or securing gamma seal lids?
A: Yes.

Q: If I’m modifying a model 13R230NANO filter to become unscrewable, do I need a second FGL-6 package?
A: Yes, if you want unscrewable pail storage, otherwise, no

Q: Are the hose style clamps in the Wall mounted kits (WMK) the bridge style?
A: No, they are for the collection bag, not for flex hose.

Q: Should the dust collection device (bag, pail…etc.) be supported?
A: Yes

Q: If my blower is over two (2) HP, is one filter sufficient?
A: No

Q: Can filters be located on top of plenum boxes?
A: Yes, but don’t forget about dust storage.

Q: Is the tightness of a clear plastic dust collection bag a reliable indication of dust buildup in the filter/s?
A: Yes

Q: What is the difference between the 9L300NANO and the 13 Series filters?
A: They are essentially the same but the 9L300NANO has more square feet of filter media plus an inner cage. The 13 series filters have no inner cage, open pleats and a heavy duty outer cage which can be helpful when cleaning. The 9L300NANO is recommended for DIY ambient systems and the 13 series filters are recommended for Hybrid systems, and for cyclones of questionable separation efficiency.

Q: Are you filters washable?
A: No, we do not recommend washing. Our woodworking filters are cleaned down from the outside with about 60 PSI of compressed air from a hand-held air nozzle.

Q: If my question is not listed above, what is the best way to get an answer or opinion?
A: Send us an email using our contact form here.

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