Harbor Freight Collectors

Easy filter choice: Easy filter installation.HF-9-0400402-224x300

19 3/4 inch upper rim diameter (<>) with an internal orifice pan present.

Filters to choose from:

35A274NANO, MERV15, Maximum Filter Area.  Highly recommended where a high efficiency, cyclonic style pre separator is being used. Has a fixed end cap.

35BA222NANO, MERV15, Highly recommended for all Harbor Freight collectors with or without a pre separator.  With no sacrifice to air flow, these are the easiest to clean down.  Supplied as open/open filters, a steel top end cap is included with gasket and mounting hardware.

35A274BLOL, MERV10, Economy (See Library)

35A100SBOL, MERV11, Open Pleat, Synthetic (See Library)


For installation and cleaning instructions please see the attached video.

Note:  All 35 Series filters get installed and cleaned in a similar manner.  Clean them down from the outside with about 60 psi of compressed air.

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If being installed inside the harbor freight collector see “application notes”.

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