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George D’s Photos

George D, up in New York, was kind enough to send us some photos of his Reliant NN-820, 2HP setup.  The Reliant is similar to a lot of systems, with a Spiral Ramp in lieu of a Cone, which makes turnbuckle mounting difficult.  George was able to mount his 35A100SBOL with a few simple items listed below:

Here are the key components: A couple brass pipe brackets (cut in half), some 1/4″ threaded inserts, and matching 1/4″ x 1″ bolts.  Per George- “I installed 1/4″ threaded inserts in the 3/4″ MDF Donut – hold down clips were made from pipe brackets ( two clips can be made from each bracket ) and held down with 1/4″X 1″ bolts.”     (Cool huh?)

Metal Bracket 008

You can see here how the whole thing comes together.  Note the gasketing and drywall screws holding the donut in place.

Donut Inserted 003

Final product, and a quote from George-  “BOY what a success!!  [edit]  The first proof of how much better my system is working was upon turning the converted D.C on the ductwork was cleaned of unknown chips and dust that the Bag System was unable to clear.”

Thanks again George, we’ve been wrestling with this particular type of unit for a while.  Many will benefit from this elegant and simple arrangement.

Dust Collector 001











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